Monday, July 29, 2013

Problems Booting Centos Guest In A Virtual Machine


Booting into a fresh Centos installation inside a virtual machine results in a black screen. The Centos login screen does not appear. This problem has been replicated in VMWare Workstation 9, VMWare ESX 4.0, and Virtual Box.


This problem occurs when the Centos ISO is still attached to the virtual guest. Disconnect the Centos ISO and reboot the virtual machine.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Linux Error Message: inter-device move failed, unable to remove target: Is a directory

 Trying to move some files from a network share to a USB drive on the Linux terminal and came up with the following unexpected error message:

inter-device move failed, unable to remove target: Is a directory 

In my case it turned out to be that the destination folder already existed. By changing the destination folder to a folder that didn't exist and the move worked straight away. It's weird because I would've assumed that the default behaviour would've been to merge the contents of the two folders and delete the source folder. I'll do some more research on this one when I get the chance.